Is it awesome?


Which type of files may I paste?

You may paste anything that can be displayed as a textfile. If you want to paste binary files, you have to encode them, e.g. with base64.

Are there any limits?

Yes, the maximum size of a paste is currently 4MiB. However, on pastes with more than 2^16 = 65536 lines syntax highlighting is not activated.

May I hotlink pastes?


I noticed the awesome stats in my control panel. Are they updated in realtime?

Unfortunately this isn't possibly currently. The stats are updated approximately every hour.

Omfg you can see the visitors-ip in the cp?! Why do you log them?

We do log the ip of the visitors, however only the first 16 bits of IPv4 addresses, and the first 56 bits of IPv6. This ensures privacy, but enables us to crunch statistics.

I found a paste, which shouldn't be online. How can I report it?

Please send details to abuse [@] paste.cat.